Not With MY Child! You Don’t!

“NOT WITH MY CHILD! — You Don’t!” is THE VOICE OF A CHILD’S anti-predator call-to-action, and a year-round expression of outrage against the rising cases of abducted children in our nation.

This is a call for you to join the many voices and unite in the fight against child abuse and abduction by shouting out “No more!” to the pedophile, the sexual predator, the molester, the abductor.

Each year, over 800,000 children are reported missing. Daily, thousands of children are battered, abused, and neglected. As a nation we must protect our country’s future – our children. They are our greatest gift – their safety is our biggest responsibility! The anthem and battle cry of every mother, father, legal guardian, teacher, grandparent and friend must be: “Keep your hands off of our children!”

Everyday we learn of another news story about child abuse and we wonder what we can do all by ourselves? And — how can we do it fast enough?  Today’s technology and combined efforts of your watchful eyes, neighborhood watch, massive phone banks for instant communications,  and Amber Alerts all come together in an attempt to thwart and to prevent the victimization of a child — making our neighborhoods a SaferKidSpace™.

When innocent children meet up with an abuser, the world should respond with its heart and concern. We are truly blessed and encouraged when we see how many of you participate again and again so that children can be safer, loved, nourished and nurtured once again by the people who love them.

Nothing should lead any of us to believe a child is a safe child. We simply can’t afford to have such predisposition or preconception. Better we REPORT CHILD ABUSE when we HEAR IT, SEE IT, KNOW ABOUT IT to bring justice to the forefront of the situation, and address the issues at hand, than to assume they are always safe.

What can we do?

At THE VOICE OF A CHILD, we are working to make sure that our children and our communities are safer by providing you valuable information and resources. We are determined for the abuser and sexual predator to get the message – NOT WITH MY CHILD! YOU DON’T! We want every politician, educator, community leader, and you to have a public outcry against the predator, the thief of childhood.

Today, with our society’s moral foundation in decline, we must move quickly to get this strong message to the lawmakers of our land, especially, as it pertains to granting early releases to long-term imprisoned child abductors and molesters. We must continue to raise our voices until the political climate creates changes that prohibit early releases of child offenders and killers, regardless of good behavior, or what country in the world they live in.

There are many ways all of us can help kids and their families. We must do all we can to protect our nation’s children from falling prey by influencing the enactment of tougher laws, and encourage stricter enforcement of those already on the books, and know within 5 seconds when our children are victims of drug, bullying, or sex communications through Social Media. By working together, when every minute matters, we can keep our children safe and our communities more secure.

An old, but wise adage is: ‘If not now, when? If not us, who?’ On behalf of VOAC thank you for your participation in this urgent Call-to-Action.




Get to Know Who’s Who In Your Neighborhood

Parents, Educators and Child Care Workers
Do you know how many registered sex offenders
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•  Cyber Tipline 1-800-843-5678
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