This Is Definitely Kiddie Porn

I don’t quite remember what I desired to have as an impressionable four-year-old, but I’d imagine it was somewhere along the lines of a My-Size Barbie, a box of Fruit Roll Ups or an inflatable oversized castle — something my sister and I affectionately referred to as a “Jumpy Jumpy.” Nowhere on the list of my prepubescent desires were lacy push up bras, frill-trimmed chiffon underwear or Bridget Bardot-sized sex hair. I guess I was missing out?

Looks like the French beat us to the punch again. This time, label Jours Après Lunes is fulfilling the desires of four-year-olds worldwide by providing them with teensy-weensy bras and panties complete with lace and ruffles in your choice of pink, nude or stripped!

The French brand is proud to call themselves “the first designer brand dedicated to ‘loungerie’ for children and teenagers, comprised of loungewear and lingerie to be worn over and under, inside and outside,” but they can’t be serious, right? Lingerie for kids — isn’t that a bit … provocative?  It’s probably safe to say Europeans have fewer inhibitions than us stuffy Americans, but this idea and — even worst — the accompanying lookbook is a little pedo-extreme even for my jaded liking.

Fashionista’s Dhani Mau appropriately questions the integrity of the brand, saying, “Despite being more age-appropriate, even the photographs for the ‘femme’ collection are unsettling. The way the young-looking model is posed with that sunglasses-wearing teddy bear–she’s made to look like a child, while the actual children are made to look like adults.”

Silly me for doubting the propriety of Thylane Blondeau’s fully clothed French Vogue editorial! What do you guys think? Is this lookbook a little too Toddlers In Tiaras for you, too? Check out the rest of the images and weigh in below!


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