Duo planned to rob pedophiles and kidnap children, Loveland police say

LOVELAND – An alleged conspiracy to lure pedophiles who claimed to have children and take the kids was disrupted by a tip from the public, according to Loveland Police.

Dustin Canup, 20, and Sareena Morrison, 18, both of Loveland, are accused of plotting to lure child predators to a secluded location where they could rob the predator. The Loveland Police Department said the plan specifically sought pedophiles who claimed to have children because the duo wanted to kidnap the children, too.

Police say they were alerted to the plans through a tip from a concerned citizen. The tip warned of a plan to participate in sexual acts involving the children.

Canup was armed with a 12-inch knife and a pair of metal handcuffs when he was found by detectives, police said.

Canup and Morrison could each face prosecution on six felonies: conspiracy to commit kidnapping, attempt to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, attempt to commit aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit extortion and attempt to commit extortion.

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