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Do something MORE about the problems our children face…


•  Cyber Tipline 1-800-843-5678
•  Childhelp 1-800-4-A-Child
•  State by State Child Abuse Reporting Numbers

NXT2NU Family Thrift Shoppe

NXT2NU Family Thrift Shoppe
& the Job Training Program is temporarily closed during relocation
2013 (Date TBA)


The Benevolence Program
is accepting new & gently used donated goods
Pickup is available in the Snohomish/King County area
Email us or call 425-374-2635


~ Baling Machine ~
~ Box Truck ~
~ Clothing Racks & Shelving ~
~ Commercial Grade Clothing Steamer ~
~ Shopping Carts & Baskets ~
~ Shopping Bags ~
~ Plastic Store Hangers ~
~ Office Furniture ~
~ Overstock or Out-of-Season Inventory ~
~ Part-time Volunteers
(Retail Sales Associates
& Office Personnel)
~ Volunteer Coordinator ~
~ eCommerce Specialist ~
~ Marketing Advisor ~


Know of a business in the area with excess inventory or fixtures?


Make A Difference!

Recycle • Reuse
Pass Forward


*TAX RECEIPTS are given for your donation


Visit the Store on: