Living With A Pedophile: Mom Talk

Hang ‘em high. If he is indeed guilty, that’s what I say.  And she doesn’t get a pass from me either.

When I first read the Shorewood Patch story about the man who was arrested for child pornography, I was ill. It took me three days to uncurl myself the fetal position.

The alleged pedophile, Chris Kice, 41, reportedly got busted by his employer. The FBI raided his home on St. Patrick’s Day. After the forensic lab got done with his computer equipment, the FBI and Shorewood police nabbed him Aug. 22.

That is when the Patch story broke. Afterwards, the comments started pouring in. Readers are defending the wife saying she didn’t know.

At first, I sympathized. I know it is possible for people to be total sickos and hide it from their spouses. Of course, there are signs. But I know that it takes a lot for two and two to equal four in the mind of a trusting spouse.

John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy were charming.

Then after spending a week in nebulous liberal fog reciting “innocent until proven guilty,” I finally read the FBI affidavit. They claimed Kice ‘fessed up. So now, my conservative boxing gear is on. We are talking about children here!

Here is a link to the affidavit, with the caveat that it is not for the thin-skinned reader: 

Some new things I learned from the affidavit didn’t surprise me. For example, there are online file-sharing services for kiddie porn. Guys can take pictures and videos of their own kids, relatives and neighbors doing  — you fill in the blank — and swap them on the Internet for somebody else’s kids, relatives and neighbors.

So, if one guy’s 2-year-old daughter isn’t doing it for him, maybe somebody else’s 7-year-old son does. Totally sick stuff. Yes, I’m being deliberately sarcastic to prove the point that this casual way of thinking is sadly common among pedophiles.

According to the FBI affidavit, Kice allegedly admitted using file-sharing services for five or six years. He also allegedly admitted to having searched for “teen,” “bondage,” or “tied,” which resulted in images he considered child pornography.

Another thing I learned is that there is code for child pornography in computer file names. For example, PTHC means pre-teen hard core.  Also, “yo” means year old. For example, a file that has “7yo” means a 7-year-old.

The FBI claimed they found files on Kice’s computer allegedly involving 6yo, 3yo, 8yo, 7yo and 2yo.

That was the hello that had me. The FBI said Kice admitted to a bunch of bad stuff. No matter how many allegedlys we add, I believe the FBI on this one.

But what about the wife? No, I haven’t read anything that suggests she was a Nancy Garrido. (That’s the wife who actually assisted her husband, Phillip, in holding Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years as he fathered the little girl’s children.)

And again, I fully believe that people can be oblivious to what happens in their homes, on their computers.

Yet, the Kices have children of their own. Is it possible for the wife, Desiree Kice, to not know? 

Here’s my problem with that illogic. The FBI raided their home in March. Afterwards, Desiree decided to live with this sicko until he finally got arrested five months later.

Sorry Bob and Mindy, Wendy, and Jordan who commented on the Patch story in favor of the wife’s oblivion. To read the story and the comments, click here.

Then there is this tightrope issue about their children. They are innocent souls who need protecting. These particular photos were allegedly taken inside the home, allegedly by a male. In the world of kiddie porn file sharing, is it required to first giveth before you taketh?

The whole thing makes me vomit.

This problem isn’t going away. The numbers are astounding. Nearly 18 million women (1 in 6) and 3 million men (1 in 33) have been victims of sexual assault and rape, both attempted and completed.

Of those, 15 percent are under the age of 12. Those numbers come from RAINN, the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

OK, moms, if those numbers didn’t freak you out, take a look at these. Of girls in grades 5-8, 7 percent have been sexually abused. Of high school girls, 12 percent have been victims. 

So the next time you look at your kid’s class picture, try to pick out which three girls and probably one boy have been victims, and pray yours isn’t one of them.

Oh, and one more thing: the attackers were people the children knew — a whopping 93 percent. A third were family members, and two-thirds were acquaintances. Only 7 percent were strangers. You’re damn right it’s happening in our own homes.

When it comes to children, we need to bareknuckle, down-and-dirty, street fight like hell to protect them.

Desiree Kice, that means you, too.

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