Police Chief calls Olive Branch Child Abuse Case the worst he has seen

(Olive Branch, MS) – Twenty-six year old David Martin is not the father of 3-year-old Terry Hill Jr.

But police say Martin  was living with the little boy’s mother at the Candlelight Trailer Park in  Olive Branch and was apparently abusing Terry Junior at the same time.

“It was just heart breaking to see this child beat the way he was beaten,” says Olive Branch Police Chief Don Gammage.

Chief Gammage  says  little Terry’s maternal grandmother was the first to come forward about the crime.
   Her daughter had asked if she and Terry Jr. could move back home.
   The grandmother saw the little boys injuries when she went to pick him up Tuesday. She took him to the hospital.
“He was beaten multiple times. Some of them (injuries) were fresh at the time. We feel it had happened over a period of time,” says Gammage.

   We caught up with the little boy’s mother, Melanie Bills, at her trailer home.

“I don’t want to interview,” she told us.

   But she has been interviewing with police who want to know why she didn’t come forward about the abuse.
   The 3 year old’s biological father, Terry Hill Sr.,  talked to  us by phone.

“That guy beat my son like he was a man, a grown man,” says Terry Hill,Sr.

  He says  Melanie Bills holds some responsibility too.

“There were signs of it (abuse). We were concerned about it. She actually moved away from the boyfriend and in with her mother a few days and ended up high tailing it back on over to the guy.  She is just as guilty as he is,” says Hill.
 Terry Junior is recovering and will be ok.
His father also wants to know why the little boy’s babysitter  didn’t come forward about the injuries.

    Police are continuing to investigate.
David Martin will be in court July  10th  for Aggravated Child Abuse.
 He has a million dollar bond.

Article source: http://wreg.com/2012/07/06/police-chief-calls-olive-branch-child-abuse-case-the-worst-he-has-seen/

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